The awards, sponsored by Curo, are shining a spotlight on some of the city’s residents who have gone the extra mile to achieve something great.

This could be in the form of a community project, a fundraiser, a heroic act or even a path of self-improvement that has inspired others.

Each week we will reveal the winner of each one of our eight categories before an overall winner is chosen by readers.

All winners will be invited to special ceremony and dinner where the readers’ choice will be unveiled.

Last year, the accolade was taken by Kai Fletcher, a former troubled teen who turned his life around to become a youth leader, helping other young people through similar issues.

His determination to overcome the bad hand he was dealt, as well as his passion to share his experiences for the good others, certainly struck a chord with us as well as readers.

But, as we said, our Heart of Bath heroes come in all forms, and each of our previous winners is incredible in their own right and for completely different reasons.